Electrical Panel Installation

Upgrade Electrical Panels / Replace breaker in an electric panelpanel

The residential electrical system, has a panel or load center where systems of protection for each individual circuit is located, you know that each circuit has a breaker. This device has a longer shelf life, which is varies according to the type of installation, misuse, type and quality of energy entering the system, etc.

When to change a breaker? This is determined by several factors. Does the breaker trip often? Does it overheat? Is it just past its lifespan? Are you installing a new appliance that requires a larger amp? The condition of the breaker / electric panel, especially if heated or merely physically defective by some significant wear or breakage that impairs its function, will determine the change once identified.

First there will be the panel. Certain electric panels require specific breakers, depending on the age of your electric panel, the breaker may no longer be produced, in this case your panel will need to be changed. Also, if your panel has no more room to install new breakers and you wish to upgrade the service coming into the home or business, it will need to be replaced.

Typically a licensed electrician, will have no problem working with energy throughout the electrical panel, safety is always of concern. A well trained electrician will label your electric panel accordingly, this is done for the customer’s convenience as well as for emergencies and any other person working in your home / business in the future.


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