Electrician Safety & Inspections

Electrician Safety & Inspections. Is your home about to have an electrical problem? some things to consider… First is the most obvious and important, ask a licensed electrician to check your electricity installation to make sure everything is correct and no components in disrepair. He will check the age of your system wiring. Do this […]


Electrical Panel Installation

Upgrade Electrical Panels / Replace breaker in an electric panel The residential electrical system, has a panel or load center where systems of protection for each individual circuit is located, you know that each circuit has a breaker. This device has a longer shelf life, which is varies according to the type of installation, misuse, […]


Home Wiring Or Rewiring

It happens often that in some, especially older homes, the breaker trips and the power is gone. Although we can go to the electric panel and switch the breaker back on, it is a major hassle, we may lose the information that we currently editing on the computer, turn the heating off at night and […]


Electrical Sockets & Switches

Licensed Electrician, Electrical Breakdowns and Repairs, Electrical installations with Warranty! We strive to solve any kind of electrical fault in the shortest possible time, emergency and non-emergency, 365 days a year, always at the best prices. Most common type’s electrical issues: Faulty electrical outlets and old appliances cause the majority of electrical fires. Electrical cords, […]

Southern California, USA

Interior Wiring

Melhorn Electric can provide repairs of all types, repairs at affordable prices and without the need to outsource any labor. The result of this is that we can provide our customers affordable pricing for top-notch quality work. We guaranteed our work and provide free estimates without any obligation. We use only the best industry standard […]