Electrician Safety & Inspections

bad-wiringElectrician Safety & Inspections. Is your home about to have an electrical problem? some things to consider…

  • First is the most obvious and important, ask a licensed electrician to check your electricity installation to make sure everything is correct and no components in disrepair. He will check the age of your system wiring. Do this once every 10 years or whenever you move.
  • Use your appliances correctly:
    • Remember to unplug all electrical appliances such as dryers, razors or curling irons after use.
    • Keep space heaters away from curtains and furniture and never use them for drying clothes.
    • Never put cables under carpets, as this could cause fires.
    • Remove dust from the dryer every time you use it, and do not cover the fan or air inlet.
    • Never put rags used to clean flammable liquid or that contain stains or paint in the dryer.
    • During severe weather events (rainstorms, heavy snowfall, strong wind …), disconnect unused appliances or equipment.
  • Ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for proper connection:
    • At least the kitchen and the bathroom must be grounded (GFI).
    • In general, electrical sockets should be positioned away from water sources such as tubs or sinks.
    • If you need electricity in these areas, have your licensed electrician install GFI outlets.
    • Avoid using multi-plug extensions or surge protector strips to connect several devices as these can overload the circuit and cause overheating that could result in a failure of either the device or the outlet.
    • Do not install appliances without first checking the electrical line to make sure it is sufficient to carry that electrical load. If you have any doubt about how to operate a device requests the services of a qualified professional.

Electricity is something that requires a lot of respect. Melhorn Electric certified electricians can provide tips and check your existing wiring. If appropriate, they will advise you to re-wire certain areas. Keep your properties safe, enjoy your home with peace of mind with the best licensed electricians in northern NJ.

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