Electrical Sockets & Switches

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We strive to solve any kind of electrical fault in the shortest possible time, emergency and non-emergency, 365 days a year, always at the best prices.

Most common type’s electrical issues:

  • Faulty electrical outlets and old appliances cause the majority of electrical fires. Electrical cords, electric switches and faulty receptacles can cause or contribute to these fires. Running extension cords or removing the grounding prong from an electrical cord because you do not have the correct outlet near an appliance can cause fires and risk your life.
  • Old or improperly installed light fixtures, lamps or light bulbs with too high a wattage for the fixture are a fire hazard.
  • The use of electrical extension cords to power up appliances is another common hazard. Appliances are meant to be plugged directly into an outlet. Hiring an electrician to install electrical outlets where needed is your best course of action to ensure safety in the home and/or shop.
  • Owners of homes 20 years old or more should be conscious of outdated wiring issues. Air Conditioners, Computers, Microwave ovens are found in most homes nowadays, but the wiring in your 20 year old home is not appropriate for the increased amount of electrical demand.

A properly certified, licensed and insured electrician can assess your home and provide you with peace of mind. The cost to add additional outlets, replace outdated light fixtures and inspect your wiring is minimal compared to the potential of loss of life and property.

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